The silica category comprises laboratory equipment made from silica material. It includes silica basins, capsules, crucibles, and trays. Silica basins are available in FB and RB types, while silica capsules come in various sizes for different applications.

Silica crucibles are offered in different capacities, and trays are available in a 4-hole configuration. These silica products are designed for use in laboratory settings, providing heat resistance and chemical compatibility.

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Silica Capsules Rectangle

R302,40R688,80 excl. VAT

Capsules Silica Round

R369,60R1243,20 excl. VAT

Silica Basins Round Bottom

R639,00R1848,00 excl. VAT

Silica Basins Flat Bottom

R806,40R1108,80 excl. VAT