The porcelain category offers a selection of laboratory equipment made from porcelain material. It includes porcelain casseroles, crucibles, dessicator disc plates, evaporating dishes, Buchner funnels, crucible lids, and mortar & pestles.

These porcelain items are designed for various laboratory applications, providing heat resistance, chemical inertness, and durability.

They are essential tools for handling and processing substances in a laboratory setting.

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Porcelain Buchner Funnel

R369,60R4032,00 excl. VAT

Crucible Porcelain T/F

R176,40R282,25 excl. VAT

Crucible Porcelain 79 M/F

R164,65R327,60 excl. VAT

Crucible Porcelain 79 L/F

R159,60R411,60 excl. VAT

Crucibles Alsint A

R399,85R2528,40 excl. VAT

Casserole Porcelain

R537,60R2016,00 excl. VAT